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The most vibrant IT/ICT/TELECOM/ELV, AV, ACOUSTICS, SRA, BLAST, SECURITY, DATA CENTRE, SMART AUTOMATION & TECHNOLOGY design & project management consultancy firm in Dubai.



Careful planning, sizing, designing & positioning of ELV systems right from early stages of design can significantly improve the overall functionality, performance and business objectives.

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Security Risk Assesments

The outcome of SRA is to provide stakeholder's consensual recommendations that maximize the protection of the property and its assets. 

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AV Audiovisual Design

Advancements in AV technologies such as AV over IP demands careful planning and integration with Ethernet networks for high speed and bandwidths.


Blast Design

Blast load calculations and building strength calculations including concrete and steel structure designs to resist ballast load, materials response and characteristics..

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Acoustics Design

Careful design inputs and acoustics treatments can significantly increase the desirable sound intelligibility & noise criteria levels of projects. Frontiers has a  wealth of acoustics design ideas.

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Security System Design

The output of SRA (Security Threat & Risk Assessment) forms the input of detailed security systems design of each project. ​ Numerous systems make a project/property/facility secured.

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Project Management  

They plan, budget, monitor and report on the project with project management tools. The project manager is the bridge between the client's upper management and the teams tasked.

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About Us

Frontiertech is a team of consultancy professionals with multiple domain knowledge and vast experiences. Frontiertech provides Security Threat & Risk Assessments (SRA), Security, IT/ICT/ELV, AV & Acoustics designs as well as Project Management Consultancy (PMC) services. ​ Frontiertech is licensed by the Dubai Police/SIRA (Security Industry Regulatory Agency) for security studies and design consultancy. ​ ​


Frontierss believe in agility and lean operations. They collaborate and produce their project deliverables in a most thought after, accurate and precise manner (mostly ahead of times) using AI, ML & RPA (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Robotic Process Automation) enabled technologies. ​


"We do it better, faster, economical and constantly evolve to improve upon the way it is done now"

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