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AV Audio Visual Design and Consulting Services

Images are not only visual. They’re also auditory, they involve sensuous impressions and bundles of informations that come to us through seeing and hearing!!!

AV Audio Video Design Consultancy

Planning, sizing, designing & positioning of AV systems at early stages are critical for any project.


Advancements in AV technologies such as AV over IP demand careful planning and integration with Ethernet networks for high speed and bandwidths.


Distribution of contents on HD, 4K, and 8K resolutions requires close coordination of several infrastructure elements. Some of the AV systems include but are not limited to the following:

  1. AV over IP Solutions

  2. Meeting Room & Conference Room AV

  3. Auditorium/Ballroom/Multipurpose Hall AV

  4. Meeting Rooms Schedulers/Display

  5. Presentation and Multimedia Systems

  6. Touchscreen control panels

  7. Restaurant/Bar/DJ Club AV Systems

  8. Conference and delegate system

  9. Translation/Interpretation System

  10. Audio/Video Conferencing

  11. Digital Signage

  12. Audio/Video Intercoms 

  13. Video Walls/LED Digital Media

  14. PA (Public Address System)

  15. BGM (Background Music System)

  16. Sound Reinforcement System


  18. AV Control Room Systems

Education AV: 

  1. Remote/Distance/Virtual Learning System

  2. Interactive teaching walls/Flat Panels/Touch Screen Displays

  3. AV/IP / Networked Multimedia

  4. BYOD

  5. Motion/Sensor-based classroom automation for classroom equipment, lighting, and HVAC

  6. Visualizer presentation

  7. Teaching lecterns

  8. Portable lecterns

Court Room AV: 

  1.  Smart Podium / Lecterns with built-in evidence presentation system

  2.  Evidence presentation Document Cameras / Visualizers

  3.  Audio Video Court Capturing / Recording system (Live recording of sessions)

  4.  Audio Video Conferencing / Remote Appearance

  5.  Audio Video speech reinforcement system (Speakers & Mics system)

  6.  Large-size displays (projector + dropdown screens)

  7.  Large-size displays LED screens

  8.  Extra large displays (85" and above) projector + dropdown screen

  9.  Extra large displays (85" and above) direct pixel pitch LED wall

  10.  Small-size (17") table pop-up screens

  11.  Small-size (17") tabletop fixed screens

  12.  Assistive Listening system

  13.  Language interpretation/translation system (Onsite & Remote/Offsite)

  14.  Audio-only Teleconferencing System

  15.  Telepresence

  16.  Real‐Time Transcription (A transcript of a court record is the verbatim, official or certified record of all proceedings     that transpired in the trial court.)

  17.  Interactive 40" annotation touchscreen / interactive whiteboard

  18.  Steno typing/Voice writing/Steno mask Reporting System

  19.  AV Input panels/plates

  20.  AV over SFTP Transmitter & Receiver (Non-IP)

  21.  Live Streaming System

  22.  Wireless presentation system

  23.  Wireless mics

  24.  Sidebar microphones

  25.  Handheld Tablets/Devices for presentation

  26.  Portable Video Conference System

  27.  Local AV Rack/Credenza and control system within each courtroom

  28.  AV Control Touchscreen panel - Fixed

  29.  AV Control Touchscreen panel portable

  30.  Digital Signage screens outside courtrooms showing the current and upcoming proceedings

  31.  Media Room & TV Broadcasting connectivity

Sports / Arena AV: 

  1. VAR (Video Assistant Referee)

  2. OB (Outdoor Broadcast) TV infrastructure

  3. Digital Score Boards

  4. Large/Widescreen Projection

  5. Leaky Feeders

  6. Digital Billboards

  7. Projection mapping

  8. 3D Spatial Audio

  9. Show Control Systems

Team Frontiers has significant experience in the design and project management aspects of these AV technologies and can handle any size of project.

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