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Let's do it differently...

Data-Driven, Process Oriented, Design Thinking Approaches

Frontiertech is a team of consultancy professionals with multiple domain knowledge and vast experiences.


Frontiertech provides Security Threat & Risk Assessments (SRA), Security, IT/ICT, ELV, AV, Acoustics & Technology designs as well as Project Management Consultancy (PMC) services. ​


Frontiertech is licensed by the Dubai Police/SIRA (Security Industry Regulatory Agency) for security studies and design consultancy. ​


Apart from providing quantitative and qualitative SRA's, they also design complete ELV systems typically with Concept Design (CD), Schematic Design (SD), Detailed Design (DD), Tender Documents (TD) and Issued for Construction (IFC) set, along with Technical & Performance specifications, Floor Drawings, Schematic Drawings, Plan & Elevations, Control Room renderings etc. ​


Frontiers believe in agility and lean operations. Elimination of waste and improving organizational efficiency is ever more critical today.


There are many ways to deliver results and outcomes efficiently and cost-effectively through agility and adoption of advanced technologies today. ​


Frontiers collaborate and produce their project deliverables in a most thought after, accurate and precise manner (mostly ahead of times) using AI, ML & RPA (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Robotic Process Automation) enabled technologies. ​


Innovation is at the forefront of Frontiertech services; from realistic security risk assessments to designs and providing most appropriate Project Management Consultancy solutions.

Our Value Proposition/Why Frontiertech:


We do it better, faster, economical and constantly evolve to improve upon the way it's done now.

Our Quality Policy:


Constantly endeavour to maintain the highest quality by revalidating the aspects of:

  1. Less Rework

  2. Higher Productivity

  3. Lower Cost

  4. Increased Stakeholder Satisfaction

  5. Higher Profitability

Our Mission:


Provide excellent quality designs & project management services at extremely cost-effective prices with a touch of innovation to our clients

Our Vision:


To become one of the top-rated multi-disciplinary consultancy firm in the market with the highest rate of happiness and satisfaction levels, both by our employees as well as our customers.

Our Core Values:


Agility, Speed, Simplicity and Flexibility.

Our Core Approaches:


Data-driven,  Process oriented and Design thinking approaches.

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