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Security Design

What has not happened till yesterday is not an assurance for what might not happen tomorrow

Security Systems Design Overview


The output of SRA (Security Threat & Risk Assessment) forms the input of detailed security systems design of each project. ​ Numerous systems make a project/property/facility secured and safe. It all depends upon careful sizing and designing of each type of protection systems to be deployed. ​


Some of the major security systems & elements of security aspects designed by Frontiertech ( SRA Approved Security Consultants in Dubai ) includes but not limited to,

  1. Perimeter Security System (Fencing, Sensors, Microwave, Electric etc.)

  2. Outdoor Intrusion Detection & Alarm

  3. Vehicular Access Control (Gate Barriers with Safety Beams & Sliding Gates)

  4. HVM - Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (Hydraulic Bollards / Road Blockers / Tyre Killers)

  5. Architectural Vehicle Barriers (Walls / Moats / Landscaping / Planting / Water feature / Bollards / Curbs / Street furniture's / Sculptures / Topography)

  6. Standoff distance from the building envelope

  7. Setback distance from building envelope

  8. TETRA System

  9. UVSS (Under Vehicle Scanning System)

  10. ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition System)

  11. Wireless Radio (Walkie Talkie) Communication system + Paging

  12. Guard Tour System

  13. Anti – Blast Film for Windows

  14. Walls / Column Coating

  15. Visitor Management System

  16.  Pedestrian Access Control (Turnstiles / Speed Gates)

  17. Walk Through (Door Frame) Metal Detectors 

  18. Baggage / Package X-Ray Scanner

  19. Hardened Mobile Trace Detectors

  20. Hand-Held Metal Detectors

  21. ACS (Access Control System) : General - ONLINE System

  22. GDACS (Guest Room Door Access Control System) - ONLINE System

  23. Door Monitoring

  24. Elevator Access Control System

  25. Data Protection & Data Security

  26. Duress / Panic Alarm / Help Assist

  27. Indoor Intruder Detection System (IDS) & Alarm

  28. Intercoms (At Gate Barriers, Lifts)

  29. Electronic Safes for Cashiers

  30. Electronic Key Management System

  31. Video Surveillance System (VSS) / Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) 

  32. ISMS (Integrated Security Management System) - Software Integration of all Security systems + BMS Critical Alarms Integration

  33. Guard House / Booth

  34. 24 Hour Security Guards

  35. Security Control Room, Security Equipment Room, Security Operations Room (for single building)

  36. Security Command Centre (for a campus with multiple buildings)

  37. PSIM (Physical Security Information Management) System

  38. Light Levels suitable for Security Surveillance (Day & Night)

  39. CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design)

  40. Master Plan Security Designs

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