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Integrated ELV Systems... Infrastructure highways for Technology & Automations of modern buildings!!!

Careful planning, sizing, designing & positioning of ELV (Extra Low Voltage) systems right from early stages of design can significantly improve the overall functionality, performance, and business objectives of projects.


These systems function as the foundational technology infrastructure highways of every project. IoT (Internet of Things), Voice over IP, Security over IP and several technologies and automation systems running on IP networks today, requires an integrated ELV approach that is critical for modern buildings.


Some of the dynamic and constantly evolving ELV systems includes but not limited to the following.

  1. SCS (Structured Cabling System)

  2. Fiber optic cabling network

  3. ISP/Telecom Service Provider network


  5. Active Networking (Ethernet / Converged / Unified Data Networks)

  6. Wireless / WiFi Networks

  7. Firewalls, Network Security & management

  8. IP/Analog/Hybrid Telephony

  9. Call Accounting, Billing, Voicemail, TMS & PMS integration


  11. Media Hub & connectivity panels

  12. GRMS (Guest Room Management System)

  13. GDACS (Guest Door Access Control System)

  14. MDF/IDF/MTR/FTR/Server Rooms

  15. Data Center

  16. Smart / Intelligent Automation systems

  17. Smart / Intelligent Lighting Control System

  18. Smart / Intelligent AC & Curtain Control System

  19. Smart / Intelligent Electronic Locking System

  20. Smart / Intelligent CCTV System

  21. Smart / Intelligent Audio/Video Intercom System

  22. Parking Management System

  23. BMS IP Network

  24. Other building systems IP networks

  25. DAS (Distributed Antenna System)

  26. Integrated IP-ELV Systems

Health Care IT: 

  1. IP Nurse Call system

  2. IP Intercoms

  3. Infant Protection/Asset Tracking system

  4. Queue management system

  5. IP Masterclock

  6. Handsfree wearable Intercom (voice-activated)

  7. RFID/RTLS (Real-Time Locating System)

  8. PES (Patient Entertainment System)

  9. VoWiFi (Voice over Wifi)

  10. Hospital Information System (HIS), PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) & Telemetry - Optional

Future Trends (Smart IoT Buildings/Campus): 

  1. Internet of Things (IoT)

  2. Visitor Management System

  3. Hot desk management

  4. Intelligent lighting controls

  5. Indoor navigation

  6. Indoor Air Quality management

  7. People Counting & Crowd Management

  8. Video Analytics & AI

  9. Facility booking

  10. Smart Parking

  11. Facial Recognition

  12. Dashboards & UI (Mobile, Kiosk & web based)

Frontiers with vast experience in designing, executing, supervising, and project managing a large number of projects can tackle any complex projects of any size.

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